Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing: Reflections of a Turkish nurse in the U.S.

“Our true mentor in life is science.”

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1881-1938)

Founder of Republic of Turkey

The founder and the greatest leader of the Republic of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, emphasized that “science should be our guide in life.” If you want to make developments in your job, in your life, in your country, science is your true mentor. The science should be my mentor in my job, in my life and in my nursing profession. Nursing science has its own knowledge. Moreover, everyday, it is improving with new interventions, new knowledge, and new approaches in nursing care. Nurses should follow and read innovations in nursing science. Therefore, evidence-based practice is an important keystone in healthcare worldwide.

I am a nurse and strive to implement evidence-based practice while delivering care to my patients. Everyday in my clinical practice while delivering care to my patients, I always ask questions about my clinical practice. Moreover, my patients ask me questions about their health. So, they should have the best nursing care based on evidence from researches. So, I should search to find the best evidence for my nursing care. I should know how to find and appraise the evidence from research. After appraising the evidence, I strive to implement this best evidence to my patient care. Moreover, then I want to evaluate the outcomes of my nursing care. Evidence-based practice guides you to answer your clinical questions. It is a problem-solving approach to make clinical decisions while integrating your clinical expertise and your patient preferences and values.

The American Association of Critical Care Nurses Theme in 2017-2018 is “guided by why.” They had a figure created by Canadian artist Helen D’Souza to describe this theme [see figure at the end]. The first step for evidence-based practice is to start asking questions and asking WHY. Why are we using this approach? Why are we using this care method? Why aren’t we searching for new methods for our patients care? All of these make you think, decide and can help guide you. That is why we should ask questions to define our clinical problems and improve our patient care results.

Every nurse believes very strongly that evidence-based practice improves patient care, nursing knowledge, and nursing interventions. I am a nurse and want to implement evidence-based practice while delivering care to my patients. I know it is difficult to make changes. I believe that we can achieve our goal.

What is evidence-based practice in nursing?

E Encourage and support

V Value of evidence-based care

I Implement the best evidence in your clinical practice

D Develop new nursing interventions

E Empower your research skills

N New nursing knowledge

C Change clinical practice

E Evidence-based practice in nursing

Created by Canadian artist Helen D’Souza

American Association of Critical Care Nurses Theme 2017-2018

Arnel is a Ph.D. Student from Hacettepe University, Turkey, and currently a visiting scholar at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee College of Nursing.

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