GLOBAL HEALTH SCHOLARS are comprised of undergraduate, medical, and graduate students from UW-Milwaukee, Marquette University, Concordia University Wisconsin, Carroll University, and the Medical College of Wisconsin, who convene around a shared interest in topics of local and global health equity.

The group partakes in activities based on the following Themes:

  1. Interdisciplinary learning and team-based skills

  2. Ethical global health

  3. Health equity

  4. Leadership and project management

  5. Fun networking opportunities

Goals/Learning Objectives:

Through this program, participants gain experience in competencies drawn from ASPPH and CUGH:

  • Understand the roles, relationships, and resources of the entities influencing global health (For more details, read CUGH Competencies 3b, 4a, 4b, 4c, 10a)

  • Discuss ethical approaches in global health research and practice (CUGH 6b, 8b)

  • Practice critical self-reflection, cultural humility, and ongoing learning in global health (CUGH 5d, 5e, 7a)

  • Apply project management techniques throughout program planning, implementation and evaluation (CUGH 9b)

While involvement is optional, student participation in 2 experiential activities and 8 didactic activities over the course of two years will result in a certificate award of completion from the Milwaukee Global Health Consortium.


Dr. Anne Dressel, Assistant Professor/ Director, Center for Global Health Equity, College of Nursing, UW-Milwaukee

Dr. Joyce Sanchez, Assistant Professor, Infectious Diseases, MCW

Dr. Rebekah Walker, Assistant Professor, General Internal Medicine, MCW

Dr. Lars Olson, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering, Marquette

Dr. Christine Schindler, Clinical Assistant Professor, College of Nursing, Marquette

Dr. Joseph Byonanebye, Clinical Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences, Marquette

Dr. Michael Oldani, IPE Coordinator, School of Pharmacy, Concordia

Dr. Barbra Beck, Program Director / Associate Professor of Public Health, Carroll University

Maren Hawkins, PhD Student, Zilber School of Public Health, UW-Milwaukee

Sophie Scholtz, MD Candidate, MCW

Component 1:

"Didactic & Discussion-Oriented" Activities include documentaries, seminars, speakers, workshops, conferences, and global health classes.

The following calendar compiles global health equity related events sponsored by organizations around Milwaukee.  

Students should track the events they attend, and use the chatroom described below to meet fellow Global Health Scholars at the events.

Track and reflect on the events with this Activity Log.

Component 2:

"Experiential & Action-Oriented" 


Students are expected to work with other global health scholars to produce one or more of the following - using an interdisciplinary approach - during each year of involvement.


  • Legislative policy letter sent to an elected official

  • Grant proposal

  • Research Workshop, speaker/seminar event, or project-related poster

  • Manuscript or commentary for publication

  • Connect with a community organization and volunteer throughout

  • Organize fundraiser

  • Self-reflection essay

  • Partake in a Global Health Study Abroad program

Students should connect with other scholars at "didactic" events, and use the Milwaukee Global Health Scholars Facebook page to search for scholars with overlapping interests. 

Remember to track your activities with the Activity Log.

How do I connect?

1. Join the  Global Health Scholars - Milwaukee Facebook Group to share your ideas and find other scholars who might want to team up.

2. When you have identified an idea and potential student partners, reach out to an advisor (top of page) for guidance. Remember to include students from different institutions and different disciplines.

3. Community organizations that are great examples of local global health action include the following. They may provide inspiration for projects. Ask an advisor for an introduction.

  • Hayat Pharmacy

  • Milwaukee Center for Independence

  • Aurora Walker's Point Community Clinic

  • Sixteenth Street Community Health Centers

  • International Institute of Wisconsin

  • Sebastian Family Psychology Practice

  • Bread of Healing

  • International Learning Center (Neighborhood House of Milwaukee)

  • Safe and Sound

Global Health Scholars will kick off in Fall 2019. Contact any of the advisors above with questions.

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Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

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