The Milwaukee Global Health Consortium focuses its programs around four goals:


Become a leading organization that is dedicated to making Milwaukee a destination city for global health students, researchers, practitioners, businesses, and leaders.


Identify, align, and seek funding for the global health activities and interests of members.


Provide and import evidence-based lessons to/from other communities around the world to make communities healthy and safe.


 Become a leading organization that is dedicated to making Milwaukee and other cities the healthiest and safest they can be... a more collaborative Milwaukee and a healthier world.

To access a 2-page flyer on MGHC's goals, actions and metrics, click here

Recent Activity and Initiatives

Event Coordination

Whether as part of a larger program or conference, or a one-day event, MGHC mobilizes global health resources and people tailored for a specific purpose.

​Examples: Our City of Nations Conference; Sustainability Summit; Healthy People on a Healthy Planet Conference

Hosting Visiting Experts

When national or international global health experts come to Milwaukee, MGHC identifies local players who are interested in meeting the dignitary. MGHC may plan personal meetings, meals, or tours of area facilities.

​Hosting Students

​Milwaukee area students are also welcome to complete field experiences at the MGHC office. For information on student placements, please fill out and return the attached application.

When area universities host visiting international scholars, MGHC can arrange clinical observations or tours for them.

Examples: Placement site for students undertaking Master's in Public Health, Master's of Sustainable Peacebuilding,

Masters of Healthcare Administration, Global Health Certificate;

Placed PhD student with UWM and Froedtert;

Tour of Froedtert Cancer Center for visiting student from China;

Tour of Aurora Sinai Hospital and Walker's Point Clinic for Taiwanese nurses

Grant Writing/Program Management

MGHC builds teams from its member institutions to prepare and submit grant proposals. 

Examples: 12-month nursing education project in Tanzania with the Touch Foundation;

Cultural humility grant proposals

Mobilizing Local Experts

MGHC is part of the US Global Leadership Coalition. We convene and leverage expert knowledge for changing best practices and transforming policy.

Examples: Meeting and encouraging local politicians and candidates to support the federal International Affairs Budget

To request more information about current or past programs and partnerships, or if you have ideas for new projects, please contact Kelli Brown.


(414) 955-4105 

You can also request more information with this form:


Milwaukee Global Health Consortium

1020 N. 12th St., 4th Floor

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